Belief (Iman)

The Belief (Iman):

This belief can be summed up as follows:

To believe that:-

1)   The God (Allah) as the One and Only God, unique and peerless.

2)   He alone is the Master, All-powerful and Almighty, the One Who has supreme ownership of all things.

3)   He alone is to be worshipped, and no one else is to be associated with Him in worship.

4)   All that has been revealed to His prophet (Holy Scriptures), the angels, the prophets and the Day of Judgment and destiny, regardless of whether this destiny is in our favour or full of hardship.

The Believer (Mu’min):

A person who holds the above belief is a Mu’min (believer). But if he makes any compromise regarding them, withdraws from them or hesitates to endorse his beliefs or expresses doubts, he will be lacking in the quality of Iman and will not be deemed a Mu’min (true believer).

1)    Just as one obtains conviction (Yaqin) through one’s observation and senses, so is true news the source of conviction.

2)   We have no right to deny the existence of those truths which we cannot perceive through our senses.

3)   A firm faith in the existence of God is the natural nucleus of and is concentrated in the human nature.

4)   There is a spiritual world at the back of this material world, which we cannot perceive.

The belief in life after death tantamount to belief in the existence of Allah.

[Conviction Yaquin— is the fruit of faith –Iman]

Belief (Iman): http://wp.me/PCgrB-ab


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