The Covenant, Chosen Race & Jerusalem

In the name of God, The Most Gracious, The most Merciful

The Covenant, Chosen Race & The Promised Land

eBook: https://t.co/MYt8oIbX


Palestine is the most complex geopolitical and religious issue, confronted by the humanity, which if left unresolved will continue to pose major threat to the world peace. This historic flashpoint which kicked off the clash of civilizations, centuries ago, still has the potentials to flare up to repeat the history with unpredictable terrible consequences. While the followers of three Abrahamic faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam have the historic, religious, emotional and sentimental attachments with this land, no sane person can agree to deny the right of the Palestinian people as human being to enjoy the fruits of freedom in their own land in this era of freedom and democracy. In order to ponder over possible peaceful resolution of this issue there is a need to review the issue in the light of Bible, Qur’an & History. This research work is part of ‘peace endeavour’ in the same context.

eBook: Pelistine, Bible, Quran & History: Read online or download: https://t.co/MYt8oIbX


eBook – Contents


PART-I  The Covenant, Bible & Qur’an
  • Introduction- Covenant
  • Covenant of Humanity & Prophets with God

  • The Covenant with Abraham

  • Abraham’s Legacy

  • Covenant with Moses and Children of Israel:

  • Special Covenant with Moses & Jesus

  • Israelites Violated The Covenant:
PART-II Encapsulation Through History
  • Fulfilment of Covenant & Children of Israel

  • The Real 1st Temple at ‘Shiloh’ not Moriah

  • 1St Temple-Construction- 957 B.C.E

  • 1st Temple, Destruction, Babylonian Exile:586 B.C

  • Return of Jews & 2nd Temple- 515 B.C.E

  • Palestine under Greco-Roman Rule
  • Jesus Christ: & Christianity

  • Islam & Jesus Christ:

  • Jesus Ridiculed in Jewish Texts:

  • Jewish Revolt, Destruction of 2nd Temple:70 C.E
  • Change of Leadership Role
  • Inheritance of Covenant for Good Deeds Only
  • Jerusalem & Muslim Rule [637-1917 C.E]

  • Crusaders Shatter Peace [1095-1291]

  • Ottoman Rule, Peaceful Coexistence 1514-1917
  • Muslims and Christians Chasm
  • Illusion of ‘Chosen Race’ & Zionist Movement
  • The Largest 13th Tribe [Converted Jews]
  • Why Christians Love Jews Now?
  • Evangelist Christians & Neo Conservatives
  • Colonization of Palestine
  • The Real Agenda of Zionists
  • A Jewish Woman Exposes Reality
  • Muslims Revived the Legacy of Abraham
  • Qur’an for Equity, Justice to Non Believers
  • Special Status of Jews and Christians in Islam
  • Colonization of Palestine- Sham Arguments
  • Geopolitics Under The Cover of Religion
  • Conclusion
I: Translation of Qur’an &  Reference
II: Qur’an–Reference Index
III: Books of Bible
IV: The Other Side of Israel [Jew speaks out]
V: How to Attain Peace in Jerusalem?
VI: References for Study
List of Books by AftabKhan


The Covenant, Chosen Race & Jerusalem: http://wp.me/PCgrB-4Z



eBook: Pelistine, Bible, Quran & History:

Read online or download: https://t.co/MYt8oIbX



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