Multimedia e-Books


  1. Faith & Reason
  2. The Creator
  3. The Creation / Why We Exist?
  4. The Guidance
  5. Islam: Broader Perspective
  6. Fundamentals of Faith
  7. Islam & Philosophy
  8. Metaphysics: Al-Ghaib


  1. Islam: A General Introduction: By Sheikh Ali Tantawi
  2. Urdu Translation: “Islam: A General Introduction: By Sheikh Ali Tantawi”
  3. Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]
  4. Amazing Quran: by Gary Miller
  5. Guide to Study Quran
  6. Essence of Quran in 3 Verses
  7. Obligations of Muslims to Quran
  8. Challenges to Faith

General Topics:

  1. Learning & Science
  2. Islam & Society
  3. Women in Islam
  4. Rise & Decline of Muslim
  5. Caliphate: Redundant or Relevant? 
  6. Sectarianism

Jihad, Extremism:

  1. Jihad: Myth & Reality
  2. Takfir- Docrine of Terror
  3. Islamic Decree [Fatwa] Against Terrorism
  4. FAQ-99 Anti-Islam
  5. Tolerance


  1. Jesus Christ & Divinity
  2. Jesus, Bible & Christianity
  3. Gospel of Barnabas
  4. Christian Doctrines: Analysis

Interfaith: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Atheism

  1. Jesus Christ in Islam & Christianity
  2. Dialogue & Debates
  3. Dialogue Children of Israel, Ishmael & Peace?
  4. Humanism, Atheism
  5. Theory of Evolution: Bible & Quran
  6. Bible & Quran
  7. Impact of Islam on Christianity & West
  8. Are Jews & Muslims different Creed?
  9. Zionism, Bible & Quran

Note: Once you click the desired name of book, a new window shall open with ‘e-Book’ as ‘Google Docs’ , the upper part of image is shown here. To open the E-book in full  size in new window, click at the box on right side [only for *.pdf books], indicated with ‘red arrow’.

Multimedia E Books: http://wp.me/PCgrB-MM 

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