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Peace Forum’s Video Channel

Peace Forum: Video & Multimedia Channel Bible & Quran: Videos Channels & Play Lists 1.      Creator- God 2.      Atheism 3.      Bible & Christianity-1 4.      Bible & Christianity-2 5.      Bible, Quran Science 6.      Interfaith Debates 7.      Interfaith Dialogues: Videos 8.      Quran, Bible, Science 9.      The Deen Show: Interfaith Video Channel 10.   Islam: 3 Play lists 11.   … Continue reading

Arab World Uprising for Freedom, Current Issues , Islam-New Posts Update # 240211:

Current issues and events shaping Muslim/Arab World Continue reading

New Arab World: The Genie is Out of the Bottle “جديد العالم العربي : لقد خرج الجني من القمقم”

“جديد العالم العربي : لقد خرج الجني من القمقم” How will the new Arab world look? “الصحوة العربية ليست مسألة أشهر أو بضع سنوات. وقد يكون الأمر كذلك صراعا لفترات طويلة ، مع العديد من الاخفاقات والهزائم ، ولكن المارد لن يعودوا الى القمقم. وستبقى صور من أيام في ميدان التحرير 18 حيا في قلوب … Continue reading

Open Letter to Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, New Ruler of Egypt

An open letter to new Egyptian ruler Continue reading

Egyptian Youth forced out Tyrant through Peaceful Protests-Message for Youth of Oppressed Nations

Husni Mubarak has finally bowed to the will of people after 3 decades of oppression of his countrymen by stepping down. This is start of beginning of new era in Middle East, hope its not change of face…. There is strong message for the youth of oppressed, and exploited countries to get rid of corrupt looters under guise of democracy … Continue reading

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