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Anti Islam Film & Freedom of Speech

Anti Islam film to create hatred and violence by hurting the sentiments of Muslims. Continue reading


Bin Laden-Mythology, Legacy & Place in History

Osama bin Laden, his Al Qaeda and Taliban in Pakistan while opposing USA and allies, have also killed thousand of innocent Muslims. Killing of any innocent human being Muslim or non Muslim without trial in court of law is a heinous crime and major sin, direct violation of commandment of Qur’an. Hence the ideology based upon violation of Qur’an can not be considered as Islamic but evil or devilish, declared by scholars in Edict [Fatwa].
The gang of terrorists comprise of ignorant people not well versed with knowledge of Islam. They have done no good but harmed the great peaceful religion of Islam.
Its time for the world now to:
Patiently work to expose the fallacy to link this false ideology, with Islam. This will deprive them to get sympathy or support from the common people, they will not be able to get fresh recruits and sympathisers.
The main conflicts like Palestine, Kashmir must be resolved.
Muslims lands under direct or indirect occupation be vacated.
The oppression and exploitation of masses by oppressor and corrupt rulers with overt or covet support of US/West be stopped, people be helped instead.
Otherwise the world peace can not be achieved the occasional celebrations of killing of Bin-Ladens or alike will only help to gain short term political objectives. Continue reading

Muslim Non Muslim Relationship, Hostile or Peaceful? Qur’an and Bible Answers

The common misconception that; “The Muslims are commanded by Qur’an to be hostile with the non Muslims”, is far from truth. On the contrary Qur’an urges the Muslims to keep normal relationship with non Muslims based upon, “Equity, Kindness and Love” [Qur’an;60:7-9]. The Christians and Jews being ‘people of scripture’ are accorded special status, to … Continue reading

Gaddafi, Libya’s falling tyrant, the pseudo Revolutionary now killing people القذافي ، طاغية ليبيا انخفاض ، كما الزائفة الثوري قتل الناس الآن

Open Letter to Muammar al-Gaddafi رسالة مفتوحة إلى الزعيم الليبي معمر القذافي Gaddafi, Libya’s falling tyrant, the pseudo Revolutionary now killing people القذافي ، طاغية ليبيا انخفاض ، كما الزائفة الثوري قتل الناس الآن Gaddafi reaps what he has sown during his four-decade rule: terror, nepotism, tribal politics and abuse of power. القذافي يحصد ما … Continue reading

New Arab World: The Genie is Out of the Bottle “جديد العالم العربي : لقد خرج الجني من القمقم”

“جديد العالم العربي : لقد خرج الجني من القمقم” How will the new Arab world look? “الصحوة العربية ليست مسألة أشهر أو بضع سنوات. وقد يكون الأمر كذلك صراعا لفترات طويلة ، مع العديد من الاخفاقات والهزائم ، ولكن المارد لن يعودوا الى القمقم. وستبقى صور من أيام في ميدان التحرير 18 حيا في قلوب … Continue reading

Usury [الربا] Prohibited by Bible and Qur’an – Islamic Financing- Opinion-1

الربا المحظورة من قبل الكتاب المقدس والقرآن – الحل في تمويل الإسلامي       – الرأي1 Bible, Judaism, Christianity & Usury: In modern law usury, is the practice of charging an illegal rate of interest for the loan of money. In Old English law, the taking of any compensation whatsoever was termed usury. According to … Continue reading

Trigger happy US Mercenary Killer posing as diplomat – Source of Unrest in Pakistan, hatred to arrogance of US ديفيس في الولايات المتحدة القاتل مصدر للاضطرابات في باكستان

Translator Button By Scott Stewart On Feb. 13, the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) issued a statement demanding that the government of Pakistan execute U.S. government contractor Raymond Davis or turn him over to the TTP for judgment. Davis, a contract security officer for the CIA, has been in Pakistani custody since a Jan. 27 incident in which he … Continue reading

Muslim World- New Challenges

Read online or download: WebDoc, or PDF Islam revolutionized the primitive oppressive societies not only in the Middle East but all over the world. Islamic civilization lead the world for over thousand years, but the cracks started to be noticed since 15th century C.E. Ultimately the Christian West dominated the world through colonization but failed to cause … Continue reading

War on Terror: Negotiations with the Taliban as the Path to Peace

War on Terror: Negotiations with the Taliban as the Path to Peace Afghanistan: Negotiations with the Taliban as the Path to Peace written by: Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, “Negotiations will be a real challenge for the Taliban and a good opportunity to divide and conquer for the West, as this is not a homogeneous movement but a … Continue reading

The Case for Islamo-Christian Civilization

How a common experience drove two civilizations apart: In recent years media attention for the Muslim world has increased tremendously and many reputable scholars of Islam have joined the flurry of publications that is released month after month. With Following Muhammad — a thoughtful essay on Islamic spiritual traditions — Sufism expert Carl Ernst has … Continue reading

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