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Officials struggle to shut down (un) Islamic State [Daesh] propaganda machine 

Officials struggle to shut down un-Islamic State’s twisted propaganda machineOFFICIALS are locked in a “cat and mouse game” as they attempt to shut down the Islamic State’s online propaganda machine, experts have warned.By TOM PARFITTPUBLISHED: 01:10, Mon, Sep 7, 2015 | UPDATED: 01:36, Mon, Sep 7, 2015 148 4IGIT specialists are trying to tackle ISIS’ propaganda machineThe EU’s Internet Referral Unit (IRU) has tracked down 500 pieces of terrorist material – mostly relating to ISIS – since being set up in July.But IT specialists face a “huge challenge” as thousands of supporters “jump” between different websites, according to insider.He described the terror group’s propaganda network as “sophisticated” – and said it appears to respond to tactics adopted by law enforcement agencies.He said: “It is a huge challenge to give an answer to their daily innovations and improvements. It is, in a way, a cat and mouse game.”

Source: Officials struggle to shut down Islamic State propaganda machine | World | News | Daily Express



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