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Happy Birthday God !

Happy Birthday God !!!!!! Can You Digest This Phrase?
Christmas is here and so the marketing of Jesus’s godship through festivals, wine, dance parties, Christmas cards and Christmas cakes will be in full boom.

In my school days, Christmas was celebrated with a teacher becoming Santa Claus and giving us gifts. Story books about the wonderful help of Santa Claus towards young children were given to us to read in order to cultivate an affectionate bond with Santa.
There are thousands of English schools run by the Missionaries in Mumbai alone where cultural Christianity is inserted through festivals.

A couple of years back I was invited to share the stage in a huge Cathedral school in Mahim. It was a few days before the Christmas vacation. I thought it was a good opportunity to do daw’ah to Christian students by talking to them in their own church. So when my turn came, I rose up and said : “Assalamualaikum…”

To my surprise, I received a thick chorus of Walaikumussalam….More than half the students were Musims assembled in the church !

Have you considered this ? The Christians ruled the entire Indian subcontinent for almost a century. They built railways, started postal services, ran schools,colleges, hospitals and orphanages, yet by the time they left India they could not convert the Hindus and the Muslims to Christianity in large numbers! They still happen to be in micro minority.

A new Muslim, who was earlier a Hindu, was approached by a Christian to become a Christian. The revert responded : “Can you give me a few reasons why I should leave Krishna and Rama and instead worship Jesus ?”, “ I used to worship human gods in a large number, Islam made me leave them and now you want to add one more human in the list of the human gods I have already left?“
Islam is the only religion which has protected the original concept of God. It has structured the fundamentals of Touhid in no less than one third of the verses of the Qur’an.

The longest Surah that was revealed at a time with 165 verses, was Surah al An’am and almost all of them spoke about Touhid, the Islamic Monotheism. Those who want to introduce Allah in detail should present Surah al An’am. This Surah is stuffed with the wonderful qualities of Allah which no one in His creations can possess. Not even Jesus.

If you study Judaism and Christianity you will notice two extremes in the terms of the concept of God.
The Jews have made god so low that he can be defeated by his slave Jacob in wrestling (Genesis 32 24-30), he can regret for creating the universe…where as the Christians have raised the position of Jesus to such a height that he was taken up as god.

Among the finest, easiest and most logical arguement that refutes the godship of Jesus, comes from Ahmed Deedat in his debate with Anis Shorrosh ” Is Jesus God “.

The wise man put forth a simple question : “If Jesus is god or if all the three in the Trinity , The Father, The Holy Ghost and the son are one, then can we address Father (God ) as Jesus ? Can we call Holy Ghost as Father ? Can we call Jesus as Father ?” Ahmed Deedat himself replied ” NO !!! In the entire churchdom this would be counted as a blaspheme , a heresy”
He concluded to which Anis Shorrosh had no answer and I am sure none of the Christian Missionary would also have an answer.

Source: Author: Nisaar Nadiadwala speaks and writes on socio-relgiious issues from Islamic perspective and he actively participates in the interfaith dialogues. He can be reached at nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com , http://www.askmuslims.com/2011/12/happy-birthday-god.html


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