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Ijtihad and reconstruction of religious thought In Islam الاجتهاد وإعادة بناء الفكر الديني في الإسلام

Two Theories if Ijthehad in Islam : The Islamic tradition has two conceptions of ijtihad. One is a very narrow, legalistic notion of it as a process of juristic reasoning employed to determine the permissibility of an action when primary sources, namely the Koran and …….
He was not a practical system builder and though he endorses undertaking ijtihad and talks of ‘reconstruction of religious thought’, does not attempt any reconstruction in concrete terms. The conservative ‘ulama of his time like Maulana …
Two, ideas can transform our conception of ourselves and begin a new reconstruction of the self (Tazkiyyah Annafs). Three, ideas can alter the balance of power between communities and lead to freedom from slavery and oppression (Islah). …


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