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Pearls of Divine Wisdom

Find out Islam and discover the close relationship between Islam Christianity and Judaism through e-books with insight to scriptures of the Divine Wisdom. A brief introduction to Free  e-Books with Free Download links:



List of e-Books

  1. The Message of the Qur’an:
  2. The Handbook of Islam: In English & Urdu
  3. The Creator: Is there a God? Or its just creation of human mind?
  4. The Creation: Why do we exist?
  5. The Guidance: Does human need to be guided? If so, how?
  6. Islam the Broader Perspective: Legacy of Abraham:
  7. The Last Prophet (pbuh):
  8. Khilafat: Redundant or Relevant?
  9. An Introduction to The Bible and Qur’an:
  10. Islam & Philosophy
  11. Islam and Society
  12. Women in Islam: Subjugated or Emancipated?
  13. Significance of seeking  Knowledge in Islam
  14. Metaphysics and Eschatology:
  15. Jerusalem Covenant Bible Qur’an:
  16. Impact of Islam on Christianity and the West:
  17. Jihad & Tolerance: The Myth and Reality:
  18. Takfeer: The Dreadful Doctrine of Terror




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