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False Deities, mere Empty Names

“Is, then, HE who has every living being in His almighty care, [dealing with each] according to what it deserves – [is, then, He like anything else that exists]? And yet, they ascribe to other beings a share in God’s divinity! Say: “Give them any name [you please]: but do you [really think that you could] inform Him of anything on earth that He does not know – or [do you] but play with words? “Nay, goodly seems their false imagery to those who are bent on denying the truth, and so they are turned away from the [right] path: and he whom God lets go astray can never find any guide”.(Qur’an; 13:33)

Most of the commentators explain this phrase as an expression of utter contempt for those allegedly “divine” beings: i.e., “they are so unreal and meaningless as not to deserve even a name”. It is also conceivable that we have here an echo of the statement, to be found in 7:71, 12:40 and 53:23, to the effect that those false objects of worship are but “[empty] names which you [disbelievers] have invented”:


“Said : “You are already beset by loathsome evils and by your Sustainer’s condemnation! Do you argue with me about the [empty] names which you have invented – you and your forefathers – for which God has bestowed no warrant from on high? Wait, then, [for what will happen:] verily, I shall wait with you!”(Qur’an;7:71)

“All that you worship instead of God is nothing but [empty] names which you have invented- you and your forefathers – [and] for which God has bestowed no warrant from on high. Judgment [as to what is right and what is wrong] rests with God alone – [and] He has ordained that you should worship nought but Him: this is the [one] ever-true faith; but most people know it not.”(Qur’an;12:40)

“These [allegedly divine beings] are nothing but empty names which you have invented – you and your forefathers – [and] for which God has bestowed no warrant from on high. They [who worship them] follow nothing but surmise and their own wishful thinking- although right guidance has now indeed come unto them from their Sustainer.” (Qur’an;53:23)

[Main Source: “The Message of Qur’an” by Muhammad Asad: https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B0Qfx8dX9TCvZWJjMjQ2ZjQtOWEzNS00MGIyLWJiZjItOTNmMWNiZTcyYWMw&hl=en]


False Deities, mere Empty Names:http://wp.me/pCgrB-hZ








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